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Attention! There are no restrictions on entering Cinque Terre in 2024! Do not trust unverified sources of information that spread the news of the visitors’ limitation - this information is not correct! Don't forget to check status of trails.

Transport in the Cinque Terre

There are 4 main modes of transport in the Cinque Terre. We strongly discourage you from travelling by car, as it is almost impossible. It would be better to leave your car at one of the parking lots, read more details about parking lots on the page "How to reach".

icon black trainBy train in the Cinque Terre

Train is the most economical and fastest way of travelling here. Every town of the Cinque Terre has a railway station. Trains run very frequently here, but we would recommend you to make sure that you either take a printout of the timetable or download one of the smartphone apps (you will find them searching for key words like treno, Italian train).
There is a special kind of Cinque Terre Card, which includes rail travel. It is very convenient; moreover, you will not have to buy tickets and track them all the time. Make sure that first time the ticket must be punched BEFORE boarding a train at one of the special automatic machines at the station, photo.
Additional information: website of Trenitalia

Note: to ensure that tourists’ vacations in the Cinque Terre do not get spoiled, at least 50% of trains run in this region even if there is a transport strike (from Santa Margherita Ligure to La Spezia).

icon black man walking icon black bikeOn foot or by bike in the Cinque Terre

On foot in the Cinque Terre, The Blue Path, Monterosso - Vernazza

The walking trails are the main attraction of the Cinque Terre. Therefore, majority of tourists move along them. The easiest one is the Blue Path, naturally. Some of its sections can be crossed on bikes as well, though it is not very convenient as they pass close to the sea and there are too many narrow passages.
Almost all the others paths are suitable for bikes. All necessary information is available in the section entirely dedicated to trails.

icon black boatBoating in the Cinque Terre

Schedule boats in the Cinque Terre, La Spezia and Portovenere

Boat is not a very convenient mode of travelling among the Cinque Terre’s villages, but from them you get a completely different view on the panoramic sight of the coast. You can also easily reach Portovenere on a boat.
The only village in the Cinque Terre that cannot be reached by boats is Corniglia.
The season opens late in March and closes early in November.
Schedule of boats is given in the table. Sometimes there can be minor changes depending on the season (date is shown on the table, and new schedule is available only on the day the schedule is changed); so make sure to check it when your arrival in the Cinque Terre.
Schedules & Prices for boats (updated in 2024).
Additional information: www.cinqueterre.holiday
Validity: from March 31, 2023 to November 2, 2023.
At the moment, there is NO new boat schedule available, the season will be opened approximately on March 31, 2024.

bus icon blackBuses in the Cinque Terre

eco-friendly buses in Cinque Terre

There are no buses running between the villages of the Cinque Terre. Every village has its own bus running on short routes described below:

Riomaggiore: from the village centre to the cemetery. Some journeys include routes to Biassa and the Pass of Telegrafo.
Manarola: from the village centre to the parking lot and small hamlet of Volastra.
Corniglia: from the village centre to the railway station.
Vernazza: connects the town with the nearest hamlets (for example, San Bernardino), as well as with Reggio Santuary and the Black Madonna.
Monterosso: trip around the town and goes up to the "Soviore" Sanctuary (the most ancient temple in Liguria).

For using the bus services, you need to buy the Cinque Terre Card (you can buy it from the driver).

Bus timetable: can be found on this website. But it is always better to confirm it on the spot upon your arrival.

Buses from La Spezia:
There are also many routes connecting La Spezia with the small villages that can turn out very useful if you like hiking and do not want to trek through the entire path on foot.

For example, from La Spezia you can reach Portovenere by bus 11/P, Biassa (number 19), Campiglia (20), Volastra (29). Cost: a few euros.
Additional information: website with timetable of all the routes.

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