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Attention! There are no restrictions on entering Cinque Terre in 2024! Do not trust unverified sources of information that spread the news of the visitors’ limitation - this information is not correct! Don't forget to check status of trails.




Monterosso is the biggest (about 1500 inhabitants) and the oldest of the Cinque Terre’s villages. It is divided into 2 parts: the old and the new village. The biggest beach of the entire coast is situated here (you can read in the section Beaches, numbers 4 and 5): because of this, it is the most visited town, and then in evenings there are much more entertainment activities here than in the other villages.

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Walking trails: see below for more details.

Photos of Monterosso.

What to see in Monterosso (tagged on the map):

Church of St. John the Baptist, Monterosso, Cinque Terre

1. Church of St. John the Baptist
The Church was built in the XIII-XIV centuries, and it is situated in the old part of the town, not far from the sea. Architectural style: gothic.
Photo inside: Photo 1, Photo 2.

Chapel of Mortis et Orationis, Monterosso, Cinque Terre

2. Chapel of Mortis et Orationis
Near the Church of St. John the Baptist, there is the Chapel of Mortis et Orationis. Its name stands for "Death and Prayer". Architectural style: baroque.

Capuchin Monastery, Monterosso, Cinque Terre

3. Capuchin Monastery
The Church of San Francesco together with the Cappuccini Monastery was built during 1619-1622. They are situated on the top of the hill that separates the old part of the town from the new one (San Cristoforo Hill).

The Aurora Tower, Monterosso, Cinque Terre

4. The Aurora Tower
In the past, Monterosso was guarded very well: there were thirteen towers, but only three are left as of today, and one of them is the Aurora Tower; next to it, on San Cristoforo Hill, there was a castle, and there was the Monastery of San Antonio al Mesco as well. Unfortunately, nothing is left now.
The tower was built in the XVI century and it is currently used as a private house.

The Giant or Neptune, Monterosso, Cinque Terre

5. The Giant or Neptune
On the outskirts of the new town in Monterosso, on Fegina beach, there is a gigantic statue: famous sculptor Arrigo Minerbi and engineer Levacher built it in 1910. The statue depicts Neptune carrying a gigantic seashell. The statue weighs about 1700 tons, and is 14 meters high. The sculpture was heavily damaged during World War II and by a severe storm in 1966.

Soviore Sanctuary, Monterosso, Cinque Terre

6. Soviore Sanctuary
It is the most ancient Temple in Liguria, which was first documented in 1225 and, probably, it dates to the time of Rotary invasion.
The Temple of the Madonna of Soviore, the Mistress of the sea and patroness of seafarers, consists of a church, a shelter and a bell tower. The structures were extended in the XVII century, but restauration is still in progress.

Walking trails near Monterosso:

  • Rating:

    The Blue Path, 2d

    Journey time: 80-120 minutes.
    Difficulty: low.
    Path length: 3.3 km / 2 miles.
    Description: this part is the most difficult part of the Blue Path, but can easily be passed even by children. Negotiating this path from Monterosso is much more difficult than the return. At the very beginning the path has a steep slope, so save your energy.
    The route consists of paths: #2d.

  • Rating:

    Path to the Cape of Mesco

    Journey time: 1-1.20 h.
    Difficulty: low.
    Path length: 2.2 km / 1.4 miles.
    Description: a very popular path among tourists. It is the shortest way to reach San Antonio Monastery situated on the very beautiful Cape of Mesco, which gives an awesome panoramic view over the entire Cinque Terre.
    The route consists of paths: #10.

  • Rating:

    Path to the Soviore Temple and Path #1

    Journey time: 50-70 minutes.
    Difficulty: low.
    Path length: 2 km / 1.2 miles.
    Description: connects Monterosso with its Sanctuary of "Soviore", as well as the path #1 towards Portovenere.
    The route consists of paths: #9.

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Photos of Monterosso:

Monterosso - The beach (Fegina)

The beach (Fegina)

Monterosso - The beach (Old village)

The beach (Old village)

Monterosso - The beach (Fegina)

The beach (Fegina)

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