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SiteGround is a popular hosting recommended for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal sites. It has its own data centers in Europe, Asia and America, equipped with the latest hardware to ensure high performance. The company started working in 2004 with one employee and over the years has grown into one of the market leaders with 800,000 domain addresses worldwide.
SiteGround benefits:
- Extensive functionality and useful integrations.
- High speed and performance, which is achieved, among other things, due to good optimization and the use of SSD-drives.
- Excellent technical support that works 24/7.
- Free CDN access and SSL connection.
- Developed network of data centers with servers located in several countries on three continents.



SiteGround offers a set of features that should be appreciated by both casual users and professional developers. The hosting provider creates daily backups on its own, so if your backups are lost, you can use alternative saves.
At higher tariffs, free transfer of projects from other hosting services is available, as well as connection to CloudFlare CDN - this allows you to increase the speed of page loading by caching content on servers that are located near the place where a request from site visitors is sent.
SiteGround is focused on supporting popular CMS. Hosting does not offer any incomprehensible functions, but only optimizes standard tools so that the performance of the engines increases. For example, all payment plans have dedicated WordPress hosting, where everything is geared towards increasing speed, improving security and support. The engine itself and plugins are updated automatically, which makes life much easier for webmasters.
SiteGround allows projects to grow without quality loss. You can start with shared hosting at the StartUp plan and eventually get to a dedicated server if you need it to keep your site running smoothly.


When examining hosting performance, we first of all pay attention to website loading speed and uptime.
SiteGround says that the company is always one of the first to use acceleration technologies, be it a fresh software solution, an innovative architecture or new hardware. This list includes:
- Storage of files and databases on SSD-drives.
- Using the NGINX web server and its own caching engine to speed up the loading of static and dynamic site content.
- Free connection to Cloudflare CDN, which allows faster delivery of content to visitors by distributing it across multiple data centers in different regions.
- Using the new network protocol HTTP / 2 and PHP7.
SiteGround's independent research has shown that hosting actually delivers fantastic performance numbers. One of the reviews provides data on measurements of site loading speed over 10 months. Average time - 714 ms, while on other hosting the indicator did not fall below 890 ms. The minimum value for a site on SiteGround is 680 ms, the maximum is 737 ms.
In another study, a download speed test was conducted taking into account traffic of up to 100 users. A slight increase in download time was only noticed on 50 visitors, but then the download speed remained stable even as new users were added.
Uptime is also very high at 99.9%. This indicator was achieved largely thanks to the use of our own technological solutions:
- The platform is built on Linux base containers, ensuring stability even with large bursts of traffic.
- Customer accounts are isolated from each other.
- The built-in monitoring system checks servers every half second and eliminates errors without human intervention.
Long-term tests (8 and 10 months) show the same results - 99.99% uptime at a standard of 99.94%. In 2018, only 20 outages were recorded on the hosting, while the number of other popular sites can amount to hundreds or even thousands.



Due to the increase in the number of cyberattacks, Google has changed its ranking algorithms in favor of secure and encrypted sites. SiteGround offers a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate installation that solves security and search engine optimization issues.
The hosting constantly monitors the vulnerabilities of CMS WordPress, the free installation of which is offered on all tariff plans. In addition to the standard tools, the webmaster can add free add-ons for anti-spam and IP blocking. For $1 per month, the HackAlert Monitoring plugin is available, which checks the site daily and notifies the administrator when a hack is detected.
To ensure customer safety, SiteGround offers technology to isolate customer accounts from each other. This means that if one profile is hacked, then this will not affect other hosting users.

Technical support

SiteGround pays special attention to customer support. In the overwhelming majority of user reviews, technical support, which works around the clock, is noted as an advantage of this hosting service. For communication, a phone call, online chat and e-mail are available with sending a request through tickets. Users who prefer to fix errors on their own will find a knowledge base on the hosting site with answers to frequently asked questions.
SiteGround's technical support employs over 200 professionals. Such a state allows us to promptly respond to customers at any time of the day, regardless of the time zone. Support is provided in three languages: English, Spanish and Italian.
The official results of the customer survey are published on the hosting site annually. Satisfaction rates are reported to be over 96%.

Price policy

The cost of the tariff depends on the chosen type of hosting. The most inexpensive solution is shared hosting. It is suitable for sites with low traffic and implies sharing server space with other projects. Shared hosting is available in the form of three payment plans:
StartUp - one site, 10 GB of disk space, about 10,000 visitors per month for 5.99 € per month.
GrowBig - Unlimited Sites, 20 GB of Disk Space, about 25,000 visitors per month for 9.99 € per month.
GoGeek - Unlimited sites, 40 GB of disk space, about 100,000 visitors per month for 13.99 € per month.

All plans have a free builder, SSL and HTTPS, CDN access to increase productivity, and 24/7 support. The company offers similar conditions within the WordPress Hosting and WooCommerce Hosting programs. The only difference is the addition of accessibility features like free installing, moving and updating WordPress.
Growing projects and popular blogs will require cloud hosting. It is a shared hosting upgrade that uses multiple servers in a cloud architecture. SiteGround offers four plans:
Entry - 4 CPU cores, 8 GB memory, 40 GB SSD storage for € 80.00 per month.
Business - 8 CPU cores, 12 GB storage, 60 GB SSD storage for € 160.00 per month.
Business Plus - 12 CPU cores, 16 GB storage, 80 GB SSD storage for € 240.00 per month.
Super Power - 16 CPU cores, 20 GB storage, 120 GB SSD storage for € 320.00 per month.


SiteGround is a hosting service with excellent performance and powerful technical support available 24/7. The presence of our own data centers on three continents, as well as the possibility of free connection to a CDN, guarantees publishers a high speed of content delivery to visitors. This is definitely one of the best platforms for creating international projects.
The hosting is recommended by the official WordPress, Joomla and Drupal communities. The possibilities offered by the different SiteGround pricing plans are suitable for regular users and professional developers. The only serious drawback of the service is hidden payments with a monthly payment. However, it can be fixed by purchasing a long term subscription. Considering the merits of hosting, this would be a good investment.

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